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beat him so hard he got deconfirmed

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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel so alone, so lost and confused but you can’t tell anyone because you are worried about their reaction? Worried that they will push you away or completely ruin their day? Worried that they will just walk away from you instead of helping you?

That’s how I feel everyday, I swear I can’t hide it anymore but I care about others so much more then I care about myself.

They tell me to go out and do things, meet new people, it’s so hard for me to go and do things on my own these days, all I see is people happy and having fun as a walk down the street.

Maybe I’m slipping back into depression, who knows but I want this to stop, I want someone to text me first for a change, just ask how I am or offer to hang out.

Sorry to bore you, the reader of this. Just thought it would be better getting this written down.


So guess what my new favorite quote is






MS As B★RS Black Rock Shooter From:Katne’s album on We Heart It.